Bathroom Decoration
If it is that time of the year when you want to indulge in a ‘home improvement project’, your bathroom is a good place to start. Well-designed, stylish fixtures help to add life to your bathroom’s dull and dated look. Fashion conscious customers have a wide array of fittings to choose from. Suitably and appropriately selectedbathroom fixtures can contribute towards changing the entire look and feel of your bathroom. The intention of the article is to enlighten you on the significance of bathroom décor with easy and fun tips to decorate your bathroom. It also includes a brief study of different types of showers, which would help you decide on the one that would suit your plumbing setup. Read and find out the latest in bathroom fixtures and bathroom designingand some common bathroom codes.
Good Bathroom Decoration
A good bathroom is an important aspect of your home since it is a place where you break away from the rest of the world. Your bathroom can be a retreat of sorts where you can have a relaxing bubble bath, light some scented candles, hum a tune and soothe your worries away. Bathrooms have moved from being a place to just ‘shower’ to being ‘home spas’. The bathroom is where you start your day to get ready for a hard day’s work. When you start your day feeling great, the rest of your day will certainly feel much more pleasant.
The market is flooded with good product choices to fit everyone’s budget. Accessories like towel bars; soap dishes, toilet paper holders and shower curtains together can tie the room’s design elements. It is a wise suggestion to check the bathrooms for faults before your project begins. Unless the bathroom is in good shape and safe from leakages, adding bathroom decoration to your existent bathrooms might not really make sense.
Decorate your bathroom
Whether you have a large bathroom or a small one, decorating it can be fun and easy. Here are a few tips!
  • Instead of curtains on your bathroom window, paste pretty scenery that is printed on plastic with adhesive on the back. No one can see through the plastic and it allows a lot of light to filter into the room.
  • Put your clean, rolled towels in a pretty basket. Have a non-skid bath rug in a pretty color. Buy a matching shower curtain and wastebasket.
  • Green plants are always nice in a bathroom. Place a nice green plant on your sink counter top. Old, unique colored bottles add a nice accent to your bathroom. Place some potpourri in a bowl. It will keep your bathroom smelling fresh and nice.
  • Scented candles add so much to a bathroom. Have different colors placed in the corners of your bathtub. Place a few on your sink counter.

Good Bathroom Decoration
Bathroom Decoration
Decorate your bathroom
In order to select the most suitable type of shower, it is important to recognize certain factors that can determine which shower is best for you. A mixer for example, would be the best choice in a household where both hot and cold water are supplied at equal pressure from the main storage system. Most modern showers are designed to be flexible to different water pressures (such as stored hot water and cold mains). It is important to note whether or not the chosen shower is capable of coping with certain systems and can regulate a safe level of water through the boiler. There is a multitude of choice in showers: pumped showers, electric showers, gravity showers, thermostatic, manual, power showers. Before choosing a shower, it is important that you understand the way the hot water is already heated in your house.
Let us look at three most common types of showers.
Power Showers
Power showers are mixer showers with integral pumps, which increase the rate of flow from the showerhead. They can only be installed on low pressure, tank fed systems. A dedicated hot and cold water supply is necessary. The water supply must always be above the unit to ensure that the pump is always primed and does not have to suck any air.
Electric Showers
Electric showers can be used within any domestic water system. Instantaneous electric showers can provide good performance, especially if they come with a good heater element rating. Instantaneous electric showers require cold water at a reasonable pressure. These showers pump water from a cold-water storage tank.
Bath / Shower Mixer Taps
Mixer showers will mix the existing hot and cold water, in a special valve, before it is available at the showerhead. Probably the simplest form of shower, the bath shower mixer tap is capable of reasonable shower performance provided that both the hot and cold supplies are of equal pressure. They can be used with tank fed gravity supplies, combination boilers and un-vented hot water cylinders.
Bathroom Power Showers
Bathroom Electric Showers
Bathroom Shower Mixer Taps
Choosing the ideal Shower Head
Showers come with multiple showerheads, handheld sprays and body sprays combined in a single unit. Many models can be retrofitted into existing shower stalls, while others are part of shower enclosure collections that can fit in the footprint of a standard 5-foot tub. Before you make a purchase, consult your plumber. If your water pressure is straining to rinse out shampoo already, major modifications may be necessary to take advantage of multiple sprays. Consider your hot water heater’s capacity, too. If two people cannot simultaneously shower with the tank's current capacity, consider upgrading to a larger unit before adding extra sprays.
Shower Curtains
Shower Curtains add a new, fresh breeze in decorating your bathroom. Shower Curtains are available for prices ranging from $10.00 to hundreds of dollars. Whatever the price you pay for it, unless they are cared for and kept dry and clean, they will not last long.
Tips for care of Shower Curtains

The best way to care for them is to keep them dry and clean!
  • Clean your curtain using a spray cleaner once a week
  • Let your curtain dry thoroughly each day to prevent mildew that can be dangerous for health.
  • If you are using a fabric curtain, dust it about every 3 months.
  • It is best to buy two (similar) curtains when purchasing. If you have one in reserve you are not stuck with having to replace the entire bath decor if it is damaged.

Bathroom Shower HeadsBathroom ShowerBathroom Shower Curtains
Bathroom Codes
Here are some common bathroom code requirements that you are required to follow during bathroom decoration:
  • The bathroom fixtures should be GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected.
  • There should be at least one lighting fixture permanently installed, which is controlled by a switch at the room’s entrance.
  • The bathroom must contain an operating window or an approved exhaust fan.
  • There should be a minimum of 15” clearance to either side of the closet flange.
  • Shower fittings may require pressure-balancing mixing values.
Bed Room Decoration Basics

What makes one room so different and special from another? The atmosphere and ambiance created can really set a room apart from the rest. Whether it is the color scheme or the manner in which the available space has been utilized, decorating a room with care can go a long way towards creating a special and pleasing area. This article takes you through the essentials ofroom decoration with special emphasis onbedroom decoration.
Bedroom Decoration
The bedroom is a place where people relax and unwind and can be described as ‘their own personal space’. It is necessary that bedrooms be airy and not claustrophobic with too many items in an enclosed area. Choice of colors in the bedroom depends on the persons living in them. Mature colors include shades of brown, gray and green. People with an effervescent zest for life could choose from orange, red and yellow. Those young at heart could choose from pink, sky blue and shades of white. Furniture in the bedroom is also largely dependent on the people occupying it. Adults would prefer, for example, more exquisitely carved furniture made of teak or maple wood. This could translate into intricately designed beds, bedside tables, dressing tables, cupboards, closets and so on. Above all the furniture should be well spaced, not appearing too crowded.
It is important that beds with their design and cushioning be comfortable. When selecting a bed, it is advisable not to compromise comfort for quality. A very sophisticated bed with poor quality bedding can lead to backaches and insomnia. You need to choose a bed design that offers comfort, quality and elegance. The bedding, while ensuring comfort to the spine should not be too soft or with bad quality padding. Accessories with a bed could include a side table. This would come in handy if reading or paper work is required to be done in the bedroom. A bedside table ensures space for storing important documents or for a telephone.
A dressing table could be elaborate or simple depending on the people residing in the bedroom. Women fond of using makeup and other beauty accessories would prefer a dressing table with more storage facilities. There are endless possibilities here - bedside tables being attached to cupboards and with more than one mirror, to name a few.
Cupboards in the bedroom are generally used to store clothes and other related items. They should be well spaced and made of wood or other materials not prone to termites or obsolescence. These cupboards come equipped with drawers to store accessories and other items.
Lighting in the bedroom is another important aspect. Is it important for the person to have the lighting centrally located or near the bedside for reading purposes, or perhaps a combination of both?
Bedrooms for children could ideally consist of a bunk bed and a study table. It is particularly important that children's bedrooms have adequate space for them to run about and play indoor games. Televisions or telephones in bedrooms are a personal preference. Paintings, photos or other memorabilia can be cleverly used to add to the overall personality of your bedroom.
Bedroom basics
Bed : The size of the bed depends on the size of the room. A standard single size bed is about 1.05 meters in width and 1.95 meters in length. Old-fashioned beds are comparatively higher than modern day ones. Queen sized bed is the smallest double bed that is about 1.50 meters wide whereas king sized double beds are almost square shaped.
Bedroom Decoration - Single bedBedroom Decoration - Bed Mattress
Mattress :Kapok filling mattresses are ideal for persons who prefer to sleep on hard mattresses. But a mattress of this kind tends to get lumpy soon and some people tend to develop allergies to dust and mites in kapok. Coconut fiber or coir is another option that can be considered. Sponge mattresses are soft and comfortable. Rubber or foam rubber mattresses can make you sweat in hot summers. Spring mattresses filed with either sponge, polyester and kapok filled with latex can provide you many years of comfort when used with good quality springs.
Lighting : Ideally, lighting in a bedroom should be gentle and relaxing and gentle on the eyes. Valence lighting is ideal for lighting up bedrooms, as the reflected light from the light source does not cast a harsh glow. Installing light bulbs in specific spots so as to let the light reflect off the wall is one way to achieve a gentle glow. Color too plays an important role here. A red light can make you feel hot and violent. Soft subdued lighting under the control of remote control can induce a romantic atmosphere here. Personal lighting with focused beams of shafts of light can allow one partner to indulge in some reading whilst the other may sleep undisturbed away from the pool of light.
The noise levels in the bedroom must be the least when compared to the rest of the house. Annoyingly loud decibel levels can keep you awake for hours. Ensure that the bedroom is well ventilated and sweet smelling. Have a few plants or dried flower arrangement if you are keen on them. Damp and stale-smelling bedrooms are not conducive to restful sleep.