Create An Invisible Folder

This is not a secure hack. It is designed to hide your files from some one who is browsing through folders, not your system admin, not your computer hacker friends. Think of it like hiding your money under the mattress, if some one really wants to find it they will, but if they are not looking for it they wont find it. It’s a fun trick and it works best on your desktop (just remember where you placed it!)

You ever have a folder on your computer that you really don't want any one to find? You can make this folder hidden but then you have to un-hide all the folders when ever you want to find it. So how can you make a folder truly invisible? Follow these simple steps and your unmentionables will stay that way.

1. Right click where ever you want the invisible folder to be and New > New Folder.

2. Right Click on the folder and hit Rename. Erase the name of the folder so there is nothing there.

3. Hold down Alt button and press 0160 on the number pad (make sure Num Lock is on), release Alt. You should now have a blank name with nothing but a folder next to it

4. Now Right-click on the nameless folder and select Properties.

5. Go to the Customize tab. Press "Change Icon" button. Scroll through the icons until you find one that has no image.

6. Hit OK and you have an invisible folder!

Of course, if you select the folder (click on the folder), it will get highlighted.


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