Pay Per click - pioneer strategy in Google advertising

Why you need a Pay Per Click(PPC) Campaign

A good PPC solution offers businesses the ability to reach a highly targeted sector of people who are actually looking for their specific product. When customers are actively searching for what you're selling (as opposed to the other way around), the potential for a sale is greatly increased.

PPC also provides a relatively level playing field between advertisers. This is a big plus for the small business owner who is trying to compete with the big corporation.

What PPC Can Do For Your Business
There are several advantages to participating in a pay per click program, including:

- The ability to accurately track how much traffic your ads are generating
- The ability to alter the campaign at any time to increase results
- Exposure to highly targeted audiences that wants what you're selling
- A cost effective way to grab a piece of the market away from larger competitors


  • We’ll determine keywords

Pay Per click advertisements are only as good as the keywords they use. By analyzing user behavior and trends, Fruit Engine will help you determine what keywords should be utilized to maximize the impact of your ads.

• We’ll sign you up with a pay per click account

We will determine which pay per click company suits your business best and we’ll set up the account for you. All you have to do is sit back and watch as your site’s hits continuously increase.

• We’ll create your ads

Fruit Engine will create and develop your ads to make sure that they’ll deliver. To ensure the effectiveness of your ads, we will also ensure that each one of your pay per click advertisements will be linked to the most suitable landing page.

• Campaign management

Using the knowledge and expertise of our Search Engine Marketing specialists, we will suggest and implement pay per click campaign improvements including keywords modifications, bid adjustments and changes to the ads’ title and description.

• Monthly Ranking Report

One good thing about pay per click advertisements is that you can monitor exactly how well they are working. Fruit Engine will help you keep tabs of the success of your ads by regularly sending you the details of their track performance (including the number of ad impressions, clicks, cost-per-click, overall cost and average position) and campaign updates.


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