Gajini Video Game

Ghajini - The Game' is a Third Person Action Adventure game built on the TGEA platform and launched alongside the hit Bollywood movie - Ghajini in Dec 2008. The game provides a fantastic opportunity to all Aamir Khan fans to experience the movie through this exciting game. The game features recreated movie locations and scenes in the 3D world to make the game playing experience authentic and as adventurous as the movie. The players get a firsthand experience of the main protagonist and character Sanjay (played by Aamir Khan) and experience the challenges and trails faced by him.
FXLabs developed the game with Geeta Arts and Aamir Khan Productions to promote the Bollywood film, Ghajini. The movie went on to become the biggest blockbuster of 2009 and the game received rave reviews. The cost of the game was a fraction of the film's marketing budget but added greatly to the overall perception of the movie amongst its fans. During the production of the game, FXLabs collaborated with Intel to bring the latest technical know-how to the game to allow low end PC's with no 3D video card to play the game.
Ghajini - The game was selected to be showcased at the Autodesk booth at GDC 2010 - San Francisco. The game was awarded the Best PC game award for 2009 by CNBC-18 and Arena Animation and adjudged the Game with the Best Game Design for the year 2009 at 24 FPS Game and Animation Awards

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