Building Your Dream Home - Dream Home Plans

Building Your Dream Home - Dream Home Plans

Home Sweet Dream Home

Make Your Dream Home a Reality with Stylish, Innovative Products Inspired by the HGTV Dream Home
(ARA) - Home sweet home … it’s your refuge that expresses your personal style. Dreaming of turning your ordinary safe haven into your dream house? Now is the time to make it a reality.

“In today’s fast-paced world, homeowners want to add luxury amenities that are not only fashionable, but functional as well,” says Judy Riley, Moen Incorporated’s vice president of design. “It’s all about smart innovation.”

Inspired by the HGTV Dream Home, the following products can virtually turn anyone’s home into a ‘dream home.’ And, you don’t need millions of dollars to incorporate stylish trends that will make a lasting impression.
Morning Perks 

Love your master bedroom, but hate the thought of trekking downstairs to the kitchen for your morning cup of joe and news headlines? Why not wake up to the aroma of coffee brewing at your morning bar? Morning bars can be as simple as adding a cart with a refrigerator, coffee pot and necessary utensils – or more elaborate with a built-in countertop and sink. Regardless, this new addition to your master suite will add storage, style and luxury, while making your mornings more enjoyable.

Kitchen Couture

Hate missing your favorite television shows while preparing dinner? No need to set your DVR. Instead, cook up some entertainment with a new HDTV refrigerator. The latest models, such as the LG HDTV Refrigerator, come with a top-of-the line entertainment center including TV, DVD hookup and radio options. Not only will it keep your food cool, but you can even access recipes, display your favorite family digital photos and watch the latest shows.

Gourmet chefs seldom do the heavy lifting when cooking up their eclectic cuisine, so why should you? New pot fillers, like the stylish model from ShowHouse by Moen, mount easily to the wall above your cooktop or range – allowing for fewer spills and more safety in the kitchen. Previously only available in commercial kitchens, this “must-have” gourmet kitchen accessory now comes in a warm Oil Rubbed Bronze finish and can extend up to two feet to deliver hot or cold water directly into your pots and pans. When it’s not in use, the pot filler folds neatly against the wall for an understated, yet upscale, look.
After enjoying your delicious meals, clean up should be a snap with the Medora pullout kitchen faucet from Moen. Available in stylish finishes such as Matte Black, it adds drama and sophistication to the sink with a sleek, high-arc silhouette. Medora’s pullout wand makes performing everyday tasks in and around the sink easy. With the touch of a button, you can switch between several water flow patterns including stream, rinse and veggie spray. Or, you can choose Moen’s patented pause feature, which instantly stops and starts the flow of water and makes performing everyday tasks in and around the sink easy. By combining form and function, doing the dishes has never been so stylish.

Front Row Seating

Tired of fighting the crowds and paying for expensive movie tickets? Why not have front row seating and enjoy more legroom in your own home theater? Adding a home theater projector, such as the Mitsubishi HC3000U, gives you preferred seating for new movies and the latest sporting events. And for under $3,000, you may have money left over to consider adding theater-style chairs, top-of-the-line surround sound and even a popcorn machine that will be sure to get you rave reviews.

Bathroom Oasis

Need to escape at the end of the day? Experience the relaxing, spa atmosphere in your own bath by installing a vertical spa – the ultimate showering experience. With your new vertical spa, you’ll be able to choose from single or multi-function showerheads and body sprays to customize your own spa-like retreat and personal sanctuary in your bathroom.

With a few simple updates, you’ll soon be calling your ordinary home your new home sweet dream home!


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