Windows XP - Tricks


Change The Windows Sounds

Hai Friends Today i am going to Explain a small Trick Which Brings a Musical Change To your SystemI Think Many Of the people knows this... :)Its Nothing But Change the System sounds like While Starting Windows, While making Shut Down, While Emptying Recycle Bin, While coming Error message And Many More Situations like This :)
Those Who dont know to change the sounds in your PC See This
And Those Who already Know this Trick can Skip From This Post..
Go To Control Panel -- Click On "Sound, Speech and Audio devices"(in Category View)--Click On "Change Sound Scheme"Select Any item you want to change from Programme Events And Click On BrowseDefault Windows Sounds will be displays... select any sound you like (Or)
If you have any sounds with you? just convert them into wav format and upload :)

Screen Shot Of Selected Window

We All Know that If You Want to take A Screen Shot Of Your Desktop Just Click Print Screen Button on your keyboard and Open paint and Press Cntrl+v or paste ThereBut If You want Screen Shot of a Particular Window what will you do???Dont waisttime by cropping or doing any other editing work to extract the required windowthere is a small trick here nothing but pres "Alt+print screen" to take the screen shot of only selected window
Its Cool trick to Take Windows Screen Shots :)
Remove The Side Bar in Windows

In Every Computer By default Windows operating  System Divide the 80% of Space to view files and Folders and Remaining 20% Will Displays System Tasks, Other Places and Something DetailsThose Who dont want to see the Complete Window With Folders Can Remove it by...Tools--Folder.Options--Use Windows Classic Folders
And Click Apply.. Thats it :)


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